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Uncle Hammond’s Soul Jazz Movement Release Show

In celebration of OUR45-020 check out the record release concert by Uncle Hammond’s Soul Jazz Movement at Lagerhaus, Bremen. Get on down to a great showcase of deep Hammond-led Jazz and soulful tunes by this magnificent 7 piece band. + DJ Support by Matthias (Urban Jazz Groove) 13.05.23 Bremen, Lagerhaus

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Gu on the road with Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra

Our very own Gu is taking his 45s on the road and joins the Have You Got That Soul Tour by Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra. To enjoy his exclusive DJ-Sets* and the amazing live show by the band, get your tickets here https://www.eventim.de/artist/nathan-johnston-the-angels-of-libra/ Meet us at the merch stand for a selection […]

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Our Label Clubnacht

Our Label Records starts its own regular club night hosted by Gu in late May. If you are in town make sure to bring dancing shoes to Schaubude, Kiel (D). Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop vinyl will make you move. 27.05.23 Kiel, Schaubude 23h (after the concert)

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Get 15% off all Sale items in our shop from April 5 until April 12. 45 bundles and music by Chuck D, The Getup, Sir Ali Bengali, The Exacters, Daddy-O, Mothergroove and many more. Just enter the discount code EGG45 at the checkout in OUR SHOP.

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Out now: Two sides of funky Hammond Jazz on Our Label

The small town of Bremen in Northern Germany has a long musical tradition ever since the Brothers Grimm issued the tale of the Bremen Town Musicians. Now it is the Our Label brothers that bring you music from that very city, which was their own place to be for musical nightlife adventures: Uncle Hammond’s Soul […]

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Out now: Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra 7“

For OUR45-019 we team up with Hamburg’s own The Angels Of Libra for two soulful sides of music featuring the vocal talents of Irish musician Nathan Johnston. „All Your Love“ and „Curtis“ are already fan favorites on the current LP and get the Single Edit treatment for this upcoming release. Preorder will start soon. We […]

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