Funky Dinner with Professor Groove

It happens only every four years or so, but having a chat with Professor Groove of WeFunk Radio is always a true pleasure! A lovely guy with a deep knowledge of Funk.

Mune Ra had invited the Prof to spin some vinyl at the “What’s Wrong With Groovin” series of events in Hamburg. So the Prof followed the call and I caught up with both during the recording of an interview with German Hip Hop legend DJ Mad for N-JOY radio.


During the radio interview I learned, that Nick (Professor Groove’s real name) found the Funk first, and through listening to it started to appreciate Hip Hop… and not the other way round. Which is what happened to me, too. I came via Jazz to Funk and then … after some years of teenage rebellion … let my brother DJ Gu introduce me to Hip Hop. But back to our guest.

Since 1996 him and DJ Static (the one from Canada, not Denmark’s icon…) run WeFunk Radio. What started as a college station is now probably the most popular internet radio for Hip Hop with more than 300,000 listeners.

During a classic Doner / Beer dinner in Hamburg’s Schanze quarter we caught up. I leaked my excitement about the next Our Label release and gave my 180 gramms double LP of Diazpora’s “Step Up” to him as a present. He retaliated by telling me that ‘Bread and Water’ by The Inmates (Our second ever single release) was his absolute favorite! The bass line was even punshier than the original inspiration for that tune (Willie J. & Co. – Boogie With Your Baby). “Probably because I knew your version first and got used to the punch of the bass in particular”. (The vinyl version is sold out but you can get a digital copy on iTunes).

Mune Ra, Professor Groove (WeFunk Radio) and Brother Tom (Our Label Records)

Furthermore we briefly spoke about Osaka Monaurail and how much we are looking forward to their new album (out on 23. July 2014, as far as I know). We touched on the three songs that currently haunt me and Nick offered his opinion, so I shall send him snippets of the tunes and hope he loves them. … and then, dear friends, there will be fresh vinyl from Our Label Records out in time for Christmas!

Again, always a real pleasure and I look forward to October when both Professor Groove and DJ Static will be in Hamburg again for a WeFunk Extravaganza. Stay tuned.

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