The Inmates – Bread & Water / Bogus Beats

The latest single on Our Label Records, in collaboration with Unique Records and their distributor Groove Attack, is a production of Deep Funk icon Keb Darge and Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds).
“Bread & Water” is a classic boogie, which will fill dancefloors with its distinct 70’s vibe, without relying on a commercial disco influence. The tune will fit well into the record collections of both Rare Grooves fans and DJs and also those favouring more modern styles.

The “Bogus Beats” version offers a slightly reduced variation that will be much more than a b-side to DJs who like to mix with their records.
Not much is known about the band itself. The group of seven recorded “Bread & Water” in classic set-up with additional horn section. They were brought together and produced by Keb Darge (“Legendary Deep Funk”, London) and Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds, Leeds). A main motivation for the band to record in general was the eventual income, which gave this boogie its name. „We called it Bread and Water, because that’s basically what we did it for!“ one Inmate commented. Other recordings of this group do not exist or at least are not known of. Further songs will hopefully be produced to further showcase a quality rarely achieved, yet demonstrated with “Bread & Water”.
“Of course we wanted to grab the opportunity to release what is possibly the only recording of this band”, said Gu, co-founder of Our Label Records about the quick decision to licence the recording of this song.
As with “Give Me A Minute” (OUR45-001) the people behind Unique Records from Duesseldorf, Germany, home of the Frank Popp Ensemble, Malente and the New Testament of Funk series, were excited about the musical quality of the song and facilitate the worldwide distribution.

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