Sir Ali Bengali - ABX

Sir Ali Bengali: ABX / ABX (Instrumental)

After featuring unreleased Funk-tracks from England, Japan and Russia, Our Label Records presents its newest release „ABX“ from Switzerland’s multi-instrumentalist Sir Ali Bengali aka Philipp Setzepfand…

Buy now on 7″ vinyl single:

He started out producing and recording in the early 90s, going through different styles from Garage-Punk to Roots Reggae, until he became more and more influenced by then new Funk-artists like Quantic or Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings. With the new alias of Sir Ali Bengali and a little help of drummer Andreas Schnyder he put together his soon-to-be collector’s and DJ-favourite „ABX“. A tune providing all the Raw Funk you have been waiting for. In a 60’s Funk tradition this exclusive 7“ gives you the Vocal and Instrumental Version on two slices of deep vinyl grooves.

If you like what you hear, order your copy from Our Shop. Alternatively, feel free to tell us name and address of the record store where you buy your black gold usually. We’ll make sure they stock the release.

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