Listen: The Lewis Express

My brother-in-law has gotten a new turntable (bear with me…). Not, to become a record collector finally, but mainly because he likes the procedure of putting on a record. So rather than getting new records all the time, he only fills his small record shelf with albums he knows and likes. Miles Davies (So What), Radiohead (OK Computer) and¬†Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker) are amongst them.

Personally, I think The Lewis Express (ATA Records, Leads), should be amongst them. Although I could only listen to “Love Can Turn A Man” on bandcamp and “Theme From ‘The Watcher'” on Youtube, I can visualize my brother-in-law putting this longplay onto the Thorens and slowly walking to his favorite chair.

Mellow, jazzy, and very comfortable, this record has a very warm feeling. After hearing “Love Can Turn A Man” only once, I found myself humming it on the way to the hairdresser this morning. It therefore is also catchy without being annoying.

I definitely look forward to hearing the entire record, after its release on 31st August 2018. If I triggered your curiosity, check it out on Bandcamp:

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