As De La Soul once said: “Three is the magic number”, and only two weeks after ORIGU45-002 by Kayohes, V3RB and Rusher hit the stores, here comes another new favourite 45 for DJs, collectors and musicfans worldwide.
Origu releases two brandnew tracks by Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling exclusively on 7“ vinyl, just in time for christmas.
‘Room To Breathe’ is a super-cool funk track that has Cooper lyrically swinging in the braggadocio tradition of Slick Rick and Grand Puba while ‘Unlikely Assassin’ is Andy’s homage to all the coolest, 1960’s secret agents with licenses to kill; Cooper murders microphones, of course. If you like your Hip Hop fresh and unique, this one’s for you.

Order it now on Our Online-Shop. Feel free to listen to snippets below first 😉

Check out the video shot in Bremen, Germany:

About Andy Cooper:
Andy Cooper is an accomplished songwriter, performer, producer and arranger who is best known for his work in the successful Hip-Hop trio Ugly Duckling which he helped form and produce. Since the late 1990’s, Ugly Duckling has put out six albums while frequently touring the globe, their live show’s visited over 30 countries. Recently, Andy launched a solo Rap career with the release of his 7″ ‘Bring It To Me/Do The Charlie Brown’ on Soundweight Records in Bristol, UK and now the German label Origu is serving up his second 45 ‘Room To Breathe/Unlikely Assassin’. Unique Records (also in Germany) is due to issue Andy’s debut, ten-track LP ‘Room To Breathe’ on vinyl and digitally in February of 2016. All of this music is based in Funk-driven, Hip-hop Soul which Cooper packs with hard-driving rhythms and high-powered, skillful lyricism. After years of plying his trade and padding his repertoire, Andy has stepped out on his own to showcase his abilities as a vocalist, beat-maker and turntablist.

Aside from Andy Cooper’s work with in the field of Hip-Hop, he’s written and recorded with international artists like Japan’s ‘Fantastic Plastic Machine’ and Jamaican singer Ginjah. He’s also created television soundtracks for the British company Rough-Cut TV and composed 16 songs for ‘Recorded In Hollywood’, a live stage musical about the famous, Los Angeles record shop ‘Dolphins Of Hollywood’, the show ran successfully for 2 months and a future run is in motion. Andy lives in Long Beach, California with his wife Tina and his greatest career aspiration is to write a classic song.

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