Syncopated AC/DC? – Scary Pockets, feat. Judith Hill

“Why?” you may ask. Why should anyone try to cover AC/DC? Straight Rock on the One. They mastered it, so why bother? I am always suspicious of these covers. Because it is difficult to do something new with classics.

This one is a full success. Scary Pockets, feat. Judith Hill – You Shook Me All Night Long.

Damn, actually, I should not have given the title away. You wouldn’t have recognised it at first. Stripped down drum kit and bass with a hint of vocals and organ, smoothly grooving you into the track.

The chorus introduces the background singers as the syncopation flies left, right and center, where not much of the straight Rock of the original remains.

Although the Australian original had even less instruments, this very funky rendition lives of space, breaks and carefully placed notes.

Not so much a head banger but a head … something. Whatever you call what the organist Jack Conte is doing.

I have this on repeat! Have a listen:

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