Flo Mega & The KBCS - Respekt (Akku leer)

Flo Mega & The KBCS – Mehr Respekt (Akku leer)

Flo Mega, soul master from Germany, has hooked up exclusively for Our Label Records with the brand new Funk combo The KBCS to bring you a James Brown inspired Funk blaster “Mehr Respekt (Akku leer)”.

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This 45 combines the talent of Flo Mega, who gives Northern Soul a new German meaning (pun intended!).

Flo Mega, the soulman, the sad, the suffering. Usual chit chat. One is an adult, when one can rap like daddy. It is different. Always different. This human is permeable. Transparent. “Nobody is like you, babe”. Flo Mega is HipHop and HipHop is Soul.

The KBCS were born in the northern hemisphere under the zodiac sign of snowman. They sound like Föhr and nicely topped pizza, tight as thinly folded pizza boxes and with drums dry as flour that would nearly make you cough. But hotter. Laughing is part of their ritual to get into the zone. 

The KBCS are: 
Lucas Kochbeck – Drums 
Nicolas Börger – Keyboards 
Lars Coelln – Guitars 
Daniel Stritzke – Bass

Flo Mega erscheint mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Styleheads Music.
The KBCS erscheint mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Legere Recordings.

Order Now exclusively Funk 45 vinyl!

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