The Story of… Uebertribe

We at Our Label always had a soft spot for Hamburg’s Diazpora  and you can imagine the fun we had, when we joined forces to release the Gu-produced, now sold-out „Raw Meat / Song 2“ Funk 45. 

And it was only a question of time, before their guitarist Legbo would come to us to introduce his „other“ band Uebertribe.

This three-piece funk-afro-jazz-rock-groove group was just in its forming days when he first contacted us about with a first demo. It was recorded on a cell-phone, but already gave away what they were up to. 

A few months past, demo versions in a higher quality came along, and Legbo started to push the issue of possibly releasing a 7“ record by Uebertribe on Our Label. And once we had two tracks that both parties felt would make a good 45, things went pretty fast, … so fast that we didn’t even get to release the planned and due OUR45-011 inbetween. People keep asking about the gap between OUR45-010 – THE OUT OF TOWNERS „Malton Boys Club“ and the next release being OUR45-012 Uebertribe.

Don’t worry, Number 11 is not lost, it’s just postponed. Uebertribe plainly overtook it.

Legbo signs for Uebertribe

The uptempo tune and DJ-favourite „Game Over“ and the strolling groove of „The Thief“ were recorded, mixed and mastered in a heartbeat and came just in time for the official celebration of Our 10 year anniversary at the Mojo Jazz Cafe, Hamburg, which, of course, featured a live-performance by Uebertribe.

All those who attended, will remember Legbo announcing „Game Over“ with the comment, that „Our Label felt the song was too short.“ And then they played it twice in a row.

And it’s true, I wanted a part added, but after all and with the finished 7“ vinyl spinning on my turntable again and again, I feel it came out perfect. A great crowdpleaser it is. Have a taste below: 

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