Funky T-Shirts: We have a tie…

We have a tie (excuse the pun)

Thank you all for your votes! We have not one but two winners. Two designs received an equal amount of votes, therefore both are available for you to buy in Our Label Shop from NOW.

You can chose your favourite colour combination for these Ts. The colours shown are a suggestion only.

This high quality T sports a hair style we all dream of (sweet or nightmare, up to you).

Order Afro-T-siak now at a 15% discount, using the code MYSHIRT2014

As all our wear, this is a high quality garnment for your wearing pleasure. Show your love for vinyl with this T.

Enjoy the summer, wear funky T-Shirts and listen to the right music… for example to the latest Diazpora tune “Risin’ High”, feat. Miu:

Gu & Tom

* Discount available from 3rd June to 10th June 2014 and applies to all T-Shirts bought in Our Label Shop, not only the winning ones…

PS: Thx again to Hendrik ( for the designs!

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