Sharon Jones: The amazing live show

She has been around for a while. Her band of equal fame are as tight as ever and nobody can ignore the fact that she almost single-handedly brought real Soul back into the American mainstream. I take solace in the fact that the music biz has to watch from the wings as every late night show invites her as a guest. Well, I guess the music just works, when it comes from an honest heart.

And while we watched Keb Darge warming up the crowd with his unique combination of rockabilly vinyl and Scottish swearing, I could’t help but notice the songs that were original musical gems long before the likes of Iggy Pop or Soft Cell turned them into pop hits. This music works!

But back to her majesty. The Dap-Kings opened the Hamburg show with a classic Soul review entrance. Then the two marvellous backing singers were introduced with one solo song each, before another soul review jingle was performed to bring the star out. And what a show it was! What is it about small people on stage? No wonder even Prince knighted Sharon during one of her performances with a brief guitar solo recently.

Her songs of grief were so bare, so honest and of course lyrics, which could be addressed to an unfaithful lover, including “Get Up and Get Out” get a whole new meaning, as Ms Jones explains her painful fight against cancer.

But she has beaten the disease and it has made her stronger. Her voice a powerhouse, supported by a band as tight as a drum.

Have You Seen Ms Jones? If not, make sure you get a chance, because she is the real thing!!

Thank you, Sharon! It has been an education!




Also check out this interview backstage at Queen L.:

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