DJ-Bundles of Our Funk 45s now available

We have upgraded Our vinyl shop and now offer DJ-Bundles for most of Our Funk 45 releases. Instead of paying 7.50 Euros per single, you can get a bundle of two 45s for 12.90 Euros.

So, keep a spare for DJ-ing or treat a Funk friend of yours.

Here the singles, that are not sold our… yet:

The Getup
“Gold Digger / Fat Pat’s Kitchen”


The Exacters
“Ain’t Gonna Lie (feat. Roxie Ray) / The Ashes”

The Getup
“Take You Down / The Cover Up”

“Game Over / The Thief”

The Out of Towners
“Malton Boys Club / If He’s Number 6, I’m Number 7”

“Bastard / The Jam”

Sir Ali Bengali
“ABX / ABX (Instrumental)”

“PartyStarter / Soul Woman”

Osaka Monaurail
“We Got One (A Show) / We Got One (A Show) Instrumental”


… all others are sold out already, so keep your eyes open during your next trip to the Wrecka Stow or Flea Market!

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