Likwuid & 2 Hungry Bros feat. DJ Evil Dee – IllFayted B/W Hold That

Origu teams up with HiPNOTT and 2 Hungry Bros once more for two slices of dope Hip Hop vinyl!
Deep of Deep Breez returns under the 2 Hungry Bros banner, with a nasty piece of boom bap and MC Likwuid brings her surgically sharp lyricism, to collaborate on “IllFayted”. Likwuid’s commanding presence is inescapable as she delivers powerful messages between her similes, commonplace catchphrases, and cynicism. Dj Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz layers “IllFayted” with some signature cuts to engage your Hip Hop senses! Though, don’t be too distracted by those cuts and the hot 2 Hungry Bros beat, because Likwuid’s rhymes are so precisely interwoven you might miss an comedic analogy or sociopolitical statement. illFayted is for the true lover of Hip Hop that appreciates all the fresh elements that make it classic and undying.

In the spirit of letting go of negative energy, toxic relationships and flakey individuals, “Hold That (Faybles)” offers an escape plan for folks who are just ready to move forward in 2017. Tired of being outcasted, misinterpreted or just shut out by your peers? Then here is the gateway to redirecting that energy back to the source…hold that! Deep of 2 Hungry Bros lends his magic by providing a melodic canvas with signature heavy alternating drums and sinister deep loops and chops. The song features Donwill of Tanya Morgan and Hipnott’s the Earthtone King.

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Likwuid & 2 Hungry Bros
“IllFayted” featuring DJ Evil Dee (Black Moon/Da Beatminerz)
b/w “Hold That (Faybles)” featuring the Earthtone King & Donwill
Release-date: 9. december 2017
comes with “IllFayted” artwork sticker

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