KEB DARGE & GU: Legendary Wild Rockers on Tour 2013

For the release of his newest compilation „Legendary Wild Rockers 3“ (BBE, June 2013) the master of rare records, Keb Darge, is coming back from his new home on the Phillipines, to showcase his love for rare Rockabilly in Europe.

And after so many years and so many compilations for BBE and others, this man needs no further introduction, as he is the one man, that every collector and DJ of rare records is looking up to, all over the world, from DJ Shadow to Daisuke Koroda. The success of lables like BBE, Daptone Records or Jazzman is deeply linked to his groundwork all over the world in the last two decades.

At his side is his dear friend and fellow recordcollector Gu, who has been infected with the love for 50s Rhythm & Blues and Rockabilly by Keb in 2005. While Keb did share this music every saturday at Madame JoJo’s in London (UK), Gu started his monthly night Juke Joint Music in his hometown Bremen, only to travel all over Europe with his box of records soon after. He started his own record label in 2005, Our Label Records, and is the only DJ, besides Snowboy Mark, to have been a regular guest at each of Keb’s clubnights in London: „Legendary Deep Funk“ and „Lost And Found“. His 50s clubnight Juke Joint Music has regular dates in various cities in Northern Germany.

Keb comments on Gu’s talent: “Gu, the young man who is organising this, will hopefully be coming on most dates with me. Apart from Snowboy Mark he is the only guest DJ I had on at both my Madame Jo Jo’s nights. That means he is good at choosing tunes…”

Keb Darge and Gu are now available for booking in late September and all of October 2013, please click below to send an email booking request:

Booking Keb & Gu via email

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