Boca 45: “There were 5,000 people in the tent waiting for him to play & asked if I could fill in”

Let us introduce to you Boca 45, a DJ and fellow producer of 45s in the good old style. This founder of the 45Live initiative put smiles on the faces of punters all over Britain during his several residencies and shares some insights into what it is like to play before 5,000 people without warning. Press play, and enjoy this latest addition to Our “DJs you should know” series.

Which style / genre do you mostly play:
Hip Hop, Funk & Music For The Soul

Residency (current or previous):
London – South London Soul Train
Bristol – Attic
Liverpool – Brick Street
Festivals: Masked Ball / Board Masters Cornwall

DJ gig farthest away from your home:

Most memorable DJ gig and why?
In recent History playing @ Board Masters a couple of years ago – I was DJing on the Saturday night in our 45Live / VIP area to around 400 people & one of the guys from the festival came up to me to say that a BIG UK Hip Hop act (no names mentioned) had failed to show up & there were 5 thousand people in the tent waiting for him to play & asked if I could fill in. Due to some Dutch Courage & stupidness I agreed took to the decks – the lights went up & everybody looked at me thinking “This isn’t X ?!?” I proceeded to get on the mic & say “I know I’m not X, I’m Boca 45 from Bristol, can I spin my 45’s for you tonight” ?? They all cheered, 1.5 hours later it was 10 deep to get into the tent (they said the crowd had doubled) – I had a BIG smile on my face after that DJ show !!

Since when have you been a DJ?
1st double decks I had around 15 / 16 years of age, quickly saved up to buy technics which I had by age 17 – never looked back since!

What was your first ever record?
Probably pop singles we used to pick up in places like Woolworths (Big Department Store in the UK in the 80s) singles were cheap then! Electro Street Sounds Compilations changed it all for me though – these started to appear when I was around the age of 10, we embraced the whole B-Boy culture from that time & we earned our “Stripes” & it’s held me in good stead ever since ..

Favourite record of all times and why:
My son who is 10 asked me who the best band & song ever were & the obvious answer to that is “The Beatles” – they changed everything culturally, my choice for him was “Strawberry Fields Forever” – it’s brilliantly written, it’s a bit wonky, there are tape edits, 10 drummers playing, the production is next level – so that’s my choice !!

Record that surprised you most and why:
Mmm – not sure

Record you usually play at all your DJ gigs:
My own records – I try to play at least 5 Boca 45 tracks in every set !

Vinyl or other media:
Vinyl 90 % 45s, 10% 12’’/LP

Favourite club to play at:
South London Soul Train, Bussey Building, Peckham, London. It’s a clubbing phenonemon – 1,500 kids every Sat dancing to the Good Groove, the atmosphere is like a 90s Rave but with good music !!

Your favourite DJ:
DJ Koco from Tokyo

Band / Musician you strongly recommend everyone should listen to:
The 3 B’s, Boca 45, The Beastie Boys & The Beatles

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