Listen: The Lewis Express

My brother-in-law has gotten a new turntable (bear with me…). Not, to become a record collector finally, but mainly because he likes the procedure of putting on a record. So rather than getting new records all the time, he only fills his small record shelf with albums he knows and likes. Miles Davies (So What), Radiohead (OK Computer) and Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker) are amongst them.

Personally, I think The Lewis Express (ATA Records, Leads), should be amongst them. Although I could only listen to “Love Can Turn A Man” on bandcamp and “Theme From ‘The Watcher'” on Youtube, I can visualize my brother-in-law putting this longplay onto the Thorens and slowly walking to his favorite chair.

Mellow, jazzy, and very comfortable, this record has a very warm feeling. After hearing “Love Can Turn A Man” only once, I found myself humming it on the way to the hairdresser this morning. It therefore is also catchy without being annoying.

I definitely look forward to hearing the entire record, after its release on 31st August 2018. If I triggered your curiosity, check it out on Bandcamp:

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