Listen: Analog Son – Ugly Mug

I came across this tune online. Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds, Matador! Soul Sounds, Color Red etc.) had posted, that he had just listened to Ugly Mug from Analog Son 2,500 times, because he couldn’t stop. Reason enough for me to check it out. And boy, what a tune!

Analog Son grooves you into a sense of security, supported by drum and bass groove, subtle organ, guitar as well as horns. Then the singers harshly reject a pleading wish. The track carries on beautifully, leaving a sense of doubt about what was being sung. Building up nicely. A sense of hope? And finally, the guitar weeps as all hope crashes and the anticipated drama unfolds.

But, you know what, I can try and type all I might, you simply need to hear for yourself. Not on the go but when you have 3 minutes 17 seconds for yourself to listen. After all, you want to experience the build up for the angry guitar solo towards the end.


Analog Son

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Analog Son – Ugly Mug
Released on the album Funky Mother on 28th September 2018. Order it here not:

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