DJ Mr Lob: “We rocked a 7.5 hour set of 45s”

If you ever travel down under, make sure to stop by Melbourne, Australia to catch DJ Mr Lob (Rob Steer) and shake your stuff to his eclectic selection of funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, ethio, afro, disco, jazzy hip hop! For a taste, check out his Mixcloud shows, which have reached top ranks repeatedly.

As part of Our “DJs you should know” series, we are very happy to share some more details about this Australian pro.

Residency (current or previous):
SPQR Pizzeria every Thursday, Gogo Bar every Friday, Wonderland and/or Holy Grail Saturday nights

DJ gig farthest away from your home:
Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand

Most memorable DJ gig and why?
Playing the 1st Jive Garden Festival in Pai, Thailand about 13 years ago. All vinyl, a beautiful setting, great Dj Line Up and 300 up for it people (it’s now turned into a major Festival for 5000 people). The second one is from March this year where my Dj partner, Obliveus and I rocked a 7.5 hour set of 45s for the Sydney Road Festival in the small but extremely packed garden of Little Mess Bar

Since when have you been a DJ?

What was your first ever record?
Truthfully I don’t remember but I do recall my mum buying me a Kiss Album for Xmas when I was about 10. For myself I think it was a 45.

Favorite record of all times and why:
It has always been Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’. Why, because it is first and foremost soulful, sweet and the lyrics and passion is on a higher level and its message is still relevant today. It has travelled with me throughout my life and I have always had a copy on vinyl, cassette and cd. I really started to understand it on a deeper level in my early 20s, when I was travelling and my political ideas and sense of human justice were solidly forming. This album put into words what I was seeing and feeling and does it in a most beautiful way. I have heard many many great albums but this has never lost it’s spot in my heart and soul. It is truly a masterpiece.

Record that surprised you most and why:
That has changed over time but at the moment it is Mecca and The Soul Brother by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. For me music has to be funky, soulful or jazzy or even better a mix of all three. This album contains all those elements with samples that helped me discover Jazz on a much deeper level, is super funky, the raps are smart, on point and flow like crazy.

Honorable mentions to the following albums: Lady by Lady, Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious, The Epic by Kamasi Washington

Record you usually play at all your DJ gigs:
I play 45s out, so lots of them but any of ‘The Easy Now Recordings’ by Tom Showtime and Dj Maars, ‘Straighten It Out’ by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, ‘ABX’ by Sir Ali Bengali, ‘Fat Back Boys’ by Boca 45, ‘Day One’ by D.I.T.C, ‘It’s a New Day’ by Skull Snaps’, ‘Children’s Story’ by Slick Rick’ and ‘Antique Anthem’ by Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop

Vinyl or other media:
I predominantly use vinyl but some venues only have cdjs or controllers so I use Serato Dj Pro

Favorite club to play at:
GoGo on a good night can be magic

Your favourite DJ:
There is more than one and for different reasons but The Soul Purpose boys in Perth, Jon McCulloch, Juzzlikedat, Adverse, CMan, Makato and Frenzie in Sydney, Obliveus, Peril, JRed, Mike Gurrieri, Chris Gill, Dave Boots, Vince Peach and Mohair Slim in Melbourne. Internationally, Dj Krush, Dj Shadow, Marc Hype, Boca45 and Nightmares on Wax.

Band / Musician you strongly recommend everyone should listen to:
Kamasi Washington

For Our first decade of Funk, DJ Mr Lob created this excellent mix of Our tunes up to then. Enjoy here:

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