Lucinda Slim, Keb Darge, Gabe Roth and the Haggis Horns!

Here at Our Label HQ we cannot wait to hear this record. Have a look at the video and I am sure, you’ll want to reserver your copy of this gem: Support it on Indiegogo here:

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Sounds: Australia

DJ Mr Lob (Melbourne, Australia) underlined his excellent taste (sorry, couldn’t help it) by opening The Soul Purpose radio show (Perth) with a few of Our Label releases ;> Perfect to get ready for the weekend. Enjoy:

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Grüvoria – Jazz/Funk from Toronto

Today the demo from Grüvoria (yes, with dots above the ‘u’) arrived in the post. Despite Soundcloud and other digital ways of sharing demos, we still receive a fair bit of them in an envelope by snail mail. So today’s package from Toronto included a personal covering letter, with reference to Our catalogue and Our recent […]

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Great Reviews for The Out of Towners

In time for its digital release, we feel honored by the great reviews for the Funk of The Out of Towners! Here are some examples: “A tune that will be big in 2015!” – Craig Charles, BBC 6 Music “Two Solid instrumental funk grooves in my book” – DJ Andy Smith, Madame Jo Jos

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The Out of Towners – Malton Boys Club / If He’s Number 6, I’m Number 7
The Out of Towners - Malton Boys Club / If He's Number 6, I'm Number 7

Our Label Records’ world tour of Funk continues after hitting England, Japan, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. The latest addition comes straight out of Toronto, Canada, although The Out of Towners have definitely been influenced by their previous home Leeds, UK. Obviously, all of you know that Leeds is the home of The New Mastersounds.

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A Bite of the Big Apple

It’s been 13 years since I had last visited New York City. In 2001 I had the wonderful opportunity to do an interview with the Queen of HipHop Soul, Mary J. Blige for the (now unfortunately defunct) German magazine THE SOUL. Back then record labels still spent quite some money for these promotional stunts and […]

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Funky Dinner with Professor Groove

It happens only every four years or so, but having a chat with Professor Groove of WeFunk Radio is always a true pleasure! A lovely guy with a deep knowledge of Funk.

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Osaka Monaurail: New album in the making
Source: DJ Pari on Instagram (used without permission.. I hope, you don’t mind!)

You heard it here first!… well, in fact, you probably follow DJ Pari, too and therefore know already. Still worth mentioning here, because I can’t wait! The mighty Osaka Monaurail are working on a brand new album. DJ Pari was in Shibuya with them about 5 weeks ago (according to the time stamp on his […]

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T-Shirts: Please vote for your favourite design

** NOTE: This post is from 2014 and the competition has already ended. ** Thanks to Hendrik from Fresh Folks we have a range of new t-shirt designs. So far the good news. But we don’t know which ones to offer in Our Label Shop. Please help us by taking literally ONE minute to vote […]

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Sharon Jones: The amazing live show

She has been around for a while. Her band of equal fame are as tight as ever and nobody can ignore the fact that she almost single-handedly brought real Soul back into the American mainstream. I take solace in the fact that the music biz has to watch from the wings as every late night […]

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